About Pelunek Boxers

Pelunek boxers healthy home reared boxer dogs

Pelunek Boxers are bred with the philosophy that it is possible to produce quality show dogs that are man's companion at the same time.

We are a small kennel. All our dogs live in our home as members of the family. We do not aim to produce a large number of litters throughout the year but instead breed only occasionally and only when our girls are mature enough. Like our adult dogs, our puppies are kept indoors and are brought up within the family.

While my husband's family obtained their first Boxer in 1974 my affair with this breed started two years later and I bred my first litter in 1980. After moving to the UK I resumed my obsession with Boxers in 2000 when we brought Anny (Atalaya The Guardian of Pelunek) to our home. She became the foundation bitch of our breeding program. It is from her that all Pelunek Boxers are descended. We are life members of the London and Home Countites Boxer Club.

Although our aim is to produce show dogs capable of competing at the highest level we consider other aspects are at least as important, namely health and temperament. We prefer using proven continental stud dogs in order to achieve the highest possible quality of progeny. Each sire is selected after careful study of all accessible data. This helps us to minimise the risk of hereditary conditions such as subaortic stenosis, hip dysplasia or spondylosis. All our breeding stock is heart tested and we would never knowingly use a dog with a suspected cardiomyopathy carrier in his/her pedigree, as at the present time this is, in our opinion, the only reliable way to avoid this serious threat to our breed. For more information about Boxer Health please click here

All the continental stud dogs we have used were successful both in the show ring and at working competitions. They passed the most stringent temperament and working tests. They also bear breeding qualifications. They belong to the most popular stud dogs with hundreds of offspring and have already produced several quality show dogs.

As stated above we are a small kennel and in order to maintain only a limited number of our own dogs we always have to part with very promising puppies. Therefore, we are keen to hear from people with serious interest in showing and breeding. We are prepared to offer them all our experience and knowledge in order to help them succeed with their new dog. To view some previous Pelunek Boxers click here

Some of the male dogs we have bred are offered at stud. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with their owners.